Paradox of Awareness

Paradox of Awareness


This is acrylic paint on heavy duty wood backed canvas. Size is 30"x40."

There is a paradox where a sentient observer is aware of their own biological existence as separate from their thinking consciousness. The biological mechanisms for existence seem distinct from the existence of identity and reason, yet the two are physically inseparable. Is the difference only an illusion caused by a biological based mechanism or does it represent that the consciousness somehow exists on a separate and higher level?

The figure on the right is connected to the unspecified forms on the left. One hand grasps and struggles with the unknown forms as another hand grows out of the forms and grasps at the figure itself. The figure and the unknown are interconnected but the extent and purpose of the unknown forms are a mystery. The figure averts its gaze from the forms, is it to avoid acknowledging its own truth, or is it grimacing as it is being consumed?


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