Primal Binary 1

Primal Binary 1


This is an acrylic painting on heavy duty wooden backed canvas, size 30"x40" painted in 2013.


This is the first painting of series, Primal Binary. There is a blog article for this series.

Struggle between entities is a fundamental concept of nature and reality. There are many levels of this concept with localized conflict between many distinct entities. However, with a broadened perspective the individual struggles become less pronounced until at last arriving at an overall awareness.

This painting represents the overall awareness and interconnectedness if considered with a broadened perspective. But focusing in a particular area and finding meaning within the forms leads to local perception of struggle within, but distinct from, the overall unity. Some areas might refuse to coalesce into meaning while other areas might appear as similar forms.

I do not intend a definite interpretation of the painting, but only my thoughts about it. In this painting, there is a large and indistinct bestial form in the center of the composition. There are vague human forms beneath and around it along with a twisted mass of ambiguous organic forms. It leads to consideration of the primal binary of humanity vs. animals or nature. Both distinct but possesses points of unity and interaction, with ambiguity and aberrance.

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