Struggle for Influence

Struggle for Influence


This is a 36"x48" acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas. It was painted in 2012.


My inspiration for this painting: the chains of influence that pull an individual around in life. We have free will, but there are some factors that influence a person that are out of their own control.

What we hear from the people around us over time propagates around us forming our reality and building our limitations. The central figure of the painting can be contingent to the viewer. Growths extending from the left pull the central figure in different directions. There are many connections to the growths and forms and the right exerting influence.

In addition to people, there are different systems, both natural and artificial, in place to dominate our actions and thoughts. These systems intertwine and overlap with the people around us.


Around us there are always growing and competing, yet intangible, forces in a struggle for influence.


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