Sympathy For Burden

Sympathy For Burden


This is an acrylic painting on heavy duty wood backed canvas, it is 36"x48," and painted in 2012.


What comes to my mind when I view this painting is the distinction of labor between different people and between animals and people. No one has any sympathy for someone who burdens but is at a status below themselves.

This could be a social status or biological status. For those that live in rural places and see beasts of burden or animals that we create for a purpose, is it absurd or foolish to have sympathy for them? One could argue that there are conditions where the labor or purpose of the animal is not painful to the animal’s existence. The specifics of the relationship between what is superior and what is subordinate can be blurry because animals serve different purposes.

Sometimes people treat other people worse than animals. There are many times where people willfully decide for other people to serve a purpose only to meet an end, without giving any consideration to human suffering.

What is the morality of using other living creatures for our own benefit? It is natural and a fundamental aspect of reality due to scarcity of resources, or is it a concept where we can apply fairness and consideration? In any case too much contemplation of the subject can cause stress. The system that we exist in seems to function so that it does not provide any benefit to care of those beneath us. It may be detrimental for success or survival to appreciate the burdens of those beneath us, both human and animal. The mental path of least resistance may be to have no sympathy for burden.

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