Landscape of a Different Scale 1 Giclee Print

Landscape of a Different Scale 1 Giclee Print


This is a drawing using black ballpoint pen and colored pencils. It was drawn in 2011.

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The following paragraph from my blog article describes the focus of this drawing.

Some drawings create the landscape of a vastly smaller scale of existence. Drawings could represent the arrangement of molecules that line up to form continuous structures and make solid objects in our world. Or, the view could exist within an organic form where microbes and cells line up to create barriers and channels. Another possibility is that substances within an ambiguous scale beyond sub-atomic consist of nameless particles that arrange in rows and patterns to form ridges and valleys.

The first drawing in this series has several layers that create the landcape. Some layers are out of focus and appear as areas of emptiness. There are complex layers that create barriers or ridge type structures. The background contains a simpler landscape similar to rolling hills. There is a sense of ambiguous volume and indefinite distance.


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