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Do I have to create an account for purchase?

The website does not have any accounts, to purchase - enter items into the cart and then proceed to checkout where you can enter your information. 


Is it safe to buy art from the site? 

Yes. The site has a valid SSL Certificate. You can verify this by the "https" instead of "http," and depending on your browser or device: the presence of the padlock image and word "secure" to the left of the web address. 

The provided payment methods are verified safe to use, which can be confirmed easily with a google search.  No sensitive finanical information is stored on the website or website server, it is handled in a secure fashion within the payment applications.


How can I pay?


This will open paypal in the browser window where you can enter payment information. After payment, you can return to



With this option you enter payment information directly into the Stripe application on


Pricing Method

The method for determining price of original artworks is calculated by the linear inch of the work multiplied by a factor. Each medium has a different factor. The factor considers the variables of each medium, including: intrinsic value, cost of materials, and time to complete. 

An example for a drawing of dimensions of 18" x 24" is 18 + 24 * (factor) = Price.

The drawing medium has two factors: one factor for greater than or equal to size 18"x24," and one factor for below 18"x24." The reason for two factors for size in drawings is to make the final price proportional to completion time, since large drawings take much longer to complete.


Giclee Print Info

I am doing open editions for the Giclee prints. 

Information on the bottom: bottom right contains signature, and the center contains the name of the piece. This information is in pencil.

Giclee prints are created on museum quality, archival, acid-free matte paper. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity which contains relevant information about the print. 


What is the Privacy Policy?

I will NEVER share any personal information, I only use personal information for what is necessary for shipping and payment; and for mailing list subscribers, only what is necessary for communications for the mailing list.  


Copyright to Original Image

As is standard, and you can verify with an internet search, I, as the artist, retain ownership of the copyright of an image before and after sale. It is lawful for me to have the right to sell reproductions after sale of the original. Purchase of the original artwork does not transfer ownership of the copyright of the image.

This should not be a negative aspect of buying originals, as it can be beneficial to own an original that becomes more popular and valuable through the addition exposure of reproductions.


Contact Info

If you have any questions, please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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