It is my goal to make sure that you can purchase an artwork with confidence. I allow returns and exchanges to meet this end.



I will provide a 100% refund minus shipping costs for 14 calendar days from date of recieving shipment. The artwork must be returned in original condition. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.



I will allow exchange of art for 30 calendar days from date of recieving shipment. The artwork must be returned in original condition. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs during exchanges. Shipping costs are not included for exchanges.


Steps for a Return or Exchange

Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and notify me of your intent to return the item, and please provide relevant shipping information so I will know when to expect the package.

Please ensure that the item is packaged properly, use the original packaging material if you still have it, and ensure that adequate insurance is on the package in case of damage.



I will provide a refund minus shipping costs upon receipt of the artwork in original condition.



Upon my reciept of returned artwork in original condition, I will provide a credit of purchase price minus shipping costs towards another artwork. Contact me with the piece you have selected for exchange. I will send a bill for shipping and any additional cost if the piece is of higher value. I will promptly ship upon payment.


Returning The Art If It Arrives Damaged

If the box arrives severely damaged, lets hope that it will never happen!, you should report the damage immediately to FedEx and file a claim. Also notify me as soon as possible so I can follow up with the FedEx about the claim.

If you notice damage upon opening the box after delivery please contact me and we can file a claim with FedEx, again hopefully this will not happen!

Chances are that it will take egregious error on the part of the shipping company to damage the artwork, I have spoken with a shipping company manager who advised me that my shipping method is secure. His words were that it may be a "bit excessive" for safety, even beyond their own standard of preparation. I would rather be excessive with safety than take any chances.


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